NORDIC 1000 high speed roll door

NORDIC 1000 high speed roll door

– for large demanding openings


A powerful, rapid high speed roll door that fits well both inner and in outer walls. Solid design makes the NORDIC 1000 the reliable alternative for large openings in tough environments. 

It is equipped with our patented balancing system that extends both the door panel and makes the door almost "weightless". The balancing system allows the door to withstand heavy wind pressure, can be opened manually and the drive is saved from unnecessary work when opening and closing.

In extremely exposed openings, the NORDIC 1000 can be supplied with wind support tubes on one- or both sides.

NORDIC high speed roll doors are manufactured by us in Sweden which means we have direct access to expertise and short delivery times for spare parts.

  • Extra robust construction with thick door panel and only few wear parts. 

  • Balancing/extension system in combination with torsion springs. The patented balancing system causes the springs to be loaded to a minimum and therefore have a very long life. 

  • Release grip for rapid manual emergency opening of the door

  • Fast and effective vector control with soft start/soft stop and adjustable opening speed up to 2.5 m/s.

  • Frames in extruded, anodized aluminium are standard which reinforce the surface and provide a smooth finish. Brush seals against the door panel.

Door panel
  • NORDIClean door panel (2 mm) with smooth finish, antistatic with intregrated carbon fibres and UV-resistant.

  • Standard colours: blue (RAL 5007) and light grey (RAL 7038).

Drive system
  • NORDIC Drive A-2, PLC vector controlled drive with soft start/soft stop and adjustable opening speed up to 2,5 m/s. 1x230 V, 16 A. With touch-display information och programing.

  • Autoreversing safety edge.

  • Safety photocell.

  • Push buttons on both sides for opening.

  • Min. clear opening 3000x3000 mm.

  • Max. clear opening 6000x6000 mm (max 32 m²).

  • Direct-started drive 3x400V+N with opening speed ca 1  m/s.

  • Transparent vision panel, full width, seamless integrated in the door panel.

  • Fully covererd top roll and motor.

  • Door panel colours, 2 mm thick, yellow (RAL 1023), red (RAL 3000) eller orange (RAL 2004).

  • Steering: photocells, pull cords, loop detectors, radio remote control, radar, traffic lights, etc.

  • Windshield to the front and/or rear of the door.

  • Battery backup for emergency opening. 


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 NORDIClean door panel facts

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Door panel colours

Standard colours: blue RAL 5007, light grey RAL 7038. Option: yellow RAL 1023, red RAL 3000, orange RAL 2004 and transparent vison panel.