Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Antistatic high speed roll doors for pharmaceutical manufacturing areas

NORDIC high speed roll doors are frequently used pharmaceutical manufacturing. The need to separate areas belonging to different zones makes it necessary to use fast and tight doors that disturbs the production as little as possible.

Our roll doors are both rapid and dense, making them suitable for laboratory environments. Antistatic proof door panel, approved for use in contact with food is standard.

The door panels are equipped with integrated carbon fibres that effectively divert the electrostatic charges. Dust will not being built up, which is else a problem when rolling up plastic materials. Where requested the doors can be supplied with stainless steel covers. 

Pharmaceutical manufacturing applications – suitable models

NORDIC 344-safe – rapid and effective

A high speed roll door for interior smaller openings with automatic or manual emergency opening device as an option. Rapid, safe operation with opening speed up to 2.5 m/s. Sizes between 600x600 mm and 3500x3500 mm. Product facts >

NORDIC 500 – with unique balance system

A roll door adapted for medium-sized interior or outer wall openings. The balancing system makes the door "weightless" which allows manual opening and saving the drive. Can be supplied in stainless steel design. Sizes between 1610x1000 mm and 4000x4000 mm. Product facts >

Door solutions from experts

NORDIC door has experience of manufacturing industrial doors since 1991. Our company is a leading supplier of roll doors on the Swedish market and the doors have been exported to some 35 countries worldwide. We care for you becoming satisfied as a customer when ordering and our goal is a long-term relationship.