NORDIC 344-safe high speed roll door

NORDIC 344-safe high speed roll door

– robust high speed roll door with patented features


NORDIC 344-safe is a fast and efficient high speed roll door shielding draft, dust and noise. It also increases the personal safety in all types of busy interior openings.

Thoughtful design and few wear parts makes NORDIC 344-safe a door for millions of openings with up to 6 openings per minute. NORDIC 344-safe can be supplied with an automatic emergency opening system as an option.

NORDIC high speed roll doors are manufactured by us in Sweden which means we have direct access to expertise and short delivery times for spare parts.

  • Robust construction with thick door panel and only few wear parts. 

  • NORDIC patented door panel safety feature that locks the door panel into the frames at pressure differences. 

  • Fast, smooth operation with an opening speed up to 2,5 m/s.

  • Anodized extruded aluminium frames, as well as comprehensive cover over top roller and motor, is standard. 

  • Small built-in dimensions (the frames are only 80 mm wide).

Door panel
  • NORDIClean door panel (2 mm) with smooth finish, antistatic with intregrated carbon fibres and UV-resistant.

  • Standard colours: blue RAL 5007, light grey RAL 7038, yellow RAL 1023, red RAL 3000 and orange RAL 2004.

  • Approved for food establishments.

Drive system
  • NORDIC Drive A-2, PLC vector controlled drive with soft start, soft stop and adjustable opening speed up to 2,5 m/s. 1x230 V, 16 A. With touch-display information och programing.

  • Automatic reversing safety edge with wireless signal transmission.

  • Safety photocell built-in into the frame profiles.

  • Push buttons on both sides for opening.

  • Min. clear opening 600x600 mm.

  • Max. clear opening 3500x3500 mm.

  • Drive system NORDIC Drive A-0, vector controlled drive in compact design (without PLC).

  • Transparent vision panel, full width, seemless integrated in the door panel.

  • Brush seals on to the door panel.

  • Door panel with 2 vertical transparent vision panels.

  • Steering: photocells, pull cords, loop detectors, radio remote control, radar, traffic lights, etc.

  • Safety photocell curtain/photocell ramp mounted into the door panel frames covering the entire opening. 

  • NORDIC 344-exit, manual or automatic emergency opening system. 

  • Safety LED-loops at the opening warning for closing door. Available in several colours.

  • ESD-door for EP-areas (completely free of static charges over 100V)


 Product sheet NORDIC 344-safe

 NORDIclean door panel facts

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Standard colours for the door panel

Colours: blue RAL 5007, light grey RAL 7038, yellow RAL 1023, red RAL 3000 and orange RAL 2004. Transparent vision panel is option.