NORDIC Drive S-1

NORDIC Drive S-1

– a reliable and robust drive system


NORDIC S-1 is an uncomplicated and robust direct-start drive system. It drives the door up and down with associated control electronics, and is intended for doors in environments where the need for advanced control functions are limited.

S-1 has contactor control that is intended for intensive operation with cycle times down to 20 seconds.

A user-friendly drive – easy to install, service and maintain.

Alternative modes of operation

The control has options for different modes of operation: automatic closing with adjustable timer, single-button control or up-stop function. LEDs in the control box indicate the door's status and possible operating errors.

NORDIC Drive S-1 is simply and robust designed drive system. No special program module is needed. Push buttons for operating the door are located in the front of the control box. The control is also prepared with plinths for the connection of additional opening automation.

The drive unit, a German quality machinery, is available in three sizes: 0.37 kW, 0.65 kW or 1.1 kW for choice adapted to door-size.

Design/standard functions
  • Power supply 3x400V+N, 10A (3x230V is available an an option)

  • Control box in grey ABS (IP65), size 320x340x200 mm

  • Fixed opening/closing speed ca 1 m/s, direct started

  • Supervized safety edge

  • Automatic closing

  • Emergency stop

  • Forced closing

Standard information in the control
  • Safety edge status

  • Safety photocell status

  • Running time supervision

Language options: swedish, english, dutch, danish.

Hardware options
  • Radio remote control

  • Loop control

  • Radar motion detectors

NORDIC door has long experience of drive system manufacturing where function and long product life-length is our goal.