About us

About NORDIC door

We wrote 1991 and our vision was to transfer good ideas into good products. Ideas that were going to develop the roll door concept based on our experience and our customers' requests. 

More than 25 years later we are well on our way! NORDIC door is today a leading supplier of roll doors on the Swedish market and the doors have been exported to some 35 countries worldwide. We are pleased to feel our customers' support. More and more customers appreciate our Swedish based, flexible and customer oriented production and our concern to keep short delivery times weather it concerns doors or spare parts.

Our vision is to continue to build our business on the solid experience we have built up in our company. A good idea will never be finished, it will be modified and improved and will change over the years.

Manufacturing by us in Sweden

NORDIC door has a slim organization with short decision processes and the entire staff possess solid door knowledge. At our Halmstad facility on the west coast of Sweden, we manufacture high speed roll doors and machine protection doors with short process time from idea to finished product. In our test environment, we ensure quality before delivery to customer.

Our customers have extreme demands regarding expected life time and reliability of the doors and that stimulates us to continue to build doors that are not considered just as a cost, but something profitable. Our service organization is now nationwide in Sweden, and internationally we have a network of representatives caring for local support. 

Admit most needs

We like challenges and we are happy to manufacture doors om special request. It can cater for specific needs such as doors closing in the reverse direction, the space requires a special frame structure or doors to withstand hearth furnace heat.

Work for environmental sustatinability

For energy-saving, the opening frequency is absolutely crucial. Using the door often, speed is much more important than isolation. It is the time the door is open which causes heat/energy to leak out. Choosing a high speed roll door therefore also promotes sustainable solutions at our customer facilities.

The NORDIC doors are made to a large extent in recycled materials, such as aluminum, etc. In addition, we send all aluminum waste in return for re-melting.

"We" at NORDIC Door is Ulf Håkansson who owns the company today and of course all skilled employees.