To choose the right door

Choose the right door = improve work environment and productivity

When deciding to install a door, the purpose is always to separate areas to keep out draft, noise and dust or to separate temperature zones. The ideal solution is to keep the opening cycles as short as possible by using a fast and automatic door.

Industrial door use

Making the ultimate door for industrial use is a challange - a challange to make a door which is very sophisticated, yet still simple enough to stand the tough industrial environment for many years with a minimum of service.

Industrial doors have by tradition been solid and slow, but satisfying modern industry requires a different approach. Most industrial doors today are used very frequently, and as the door is installed primarily to separate areas with different requirements, minimizing the open time is of major importance. (Calculations have proven that when using the door more than 5 times per hour, only a fraction of the energy loss can be attributed to insulation losses through the closed door).

A roll-up flexible door panel is the obvious choice when looking for the ultimate door system:

  • Balancing the weight of a light door panel means it can be moved rapidly up and down and even be opened manually, in case of emergency.

  • Adding a high speed drive will reduce the open time and help to smooth the traffic flow and minimize the risk of accidents.

  • Stretching the door panel by spring force will make the flexible panel withstand even heavy wind pressure.

  • Using a tough multilayer fabric panel will make the roll door more resistant to wear and tear than most other similar doors.

  • A full width clear vision panel, seamlessly welded into the panel and good seals all around the door panel are other features needed to complete the good door.

NORDIC 500 and NORDIC 1000 roll doors are designed according to these principles.

NORDIC's unique patented balance system combines the functions of both balancing the weight of the door panel, and keeping the door panel taut at all times. As the panel is pulled up and down, the operation of the door is always under full control. The system is unique: its few moving parts are located in the top tube, well protected from damage, while the patented balance system means the springs are only tensioned 2-3 turns during an opening cycle affording them an almost unlimited life.