How do you intend to use the door?

The NORDIC high speed roll doors have many use areas. Our wide product range include models for industrial, warehousing, supermarket applications, etc. Roll doors are primarily installed to optimize production flow, improve work environment, increase personal safety or save energy. Each model is designed to meet different needs depending on whether the application concerns machine protection, a pedestrian/truck door for an internal- or external position.

Choose your application below and see suitable industrial, warehousing or supermarket door

For industrial interior applications, a high speed roll door often is the most effective. For use in external positions, a high speed roll door is the option if the need is primarily a durable and energy-saving solution.

Sustainable effect with high speed roll doors

For energy-saving, the opening frequency is absolutely crucial. If you use the door often, speed is much more important than isolation. It is the time the door is open that causes heat/energy to leak out. In busy openings, therefore choose a high speed roll door for an efficient solution – and especially in exterior positions it also provides environmental sustainable effect!

Door solutions from experts

NORDIC door has experience of manufacturing industrial doors since 1991. Our company is a leading supplier of roll doors on the Swedish market and the doors have been exported to some 35 countries worldwide. The reference list is long since many larger companies in Europe have bought our doors, among them several car manufacturers. We care for you becoming satisfied as a customer when ordering, and our goal is a long-term relationship.